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County is NOT Banning on Wood Burning or Oil Burning

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Recently there have been some comments in the public regarding a ban by the County of Renfrew of the burning of wood and the burning of oil. These statements are totally inaccurate.

County of Renfrew Warden Peter Emon had this comment, “Let me be perfectly clear on this issue. There is no mention of wood burning or oil burning in the County’s five year Official Plan update. I would say that people need to look for themselves and view the document on our website or in person. Then they will clearly see that there is no reference to wood or oil burning. As always, County staff are available to answer the public’s questions by phone or in person at the County office. “

The Concern seems to be related to the update of the County’s current Official Plan. This 5 year Official Plan update is required by the Province of Ontario. To view the highlighted and strikethrough version of the draft, revised April 2016 Official Plan visit the County of Renfrew website at:
A copy can also be viewed at the County of Renfrew Administration Building located at 9 International Drive in Pembroke.

The County of Renfrew is required under the Planning Act of Ontario to have an Official Plan, and to update it every five years, and to ensure that the update is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS).
The County of Renfrew is responsible for preparing and adopting the updated Official Plan and the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MMA) is responsible for approval of the update. Official Plans are not new, they have existed in Ontario for 70 years, and in Renfrew County for nearly 40 years.

In August the County of Renfrew hosted seven open houses and public meetings across the County where many residents made oral and written submissions regarding the review of the five year Official Plan update. The meeting schedule and background information was made available in advance and advertised to the public prior to the meetings in local newspapers, on local radio, the County of Renfrew website and social media, as well as through channels at the local municipal level.

The County of Renfrew continues to receive written submissions from residents until the end of September. Once the public submissions are all received they will be compiled and presented in a report to Development & Property Committee and County Council in early 2017.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Boland, Acting Director of Development and Property, County of Renfrew 613-735-7288

Michael Barber, Media Relations/ Grants Coordinator, County of Renfrew 613-735-7288